Friday, April 25, 2008

Tattoo Explained

The tat represents my family (DH, 4 boys 1 girl)
There is an M at the base (Marc, MarcE & Michelle)

The daisys that flank it are my signature doodle

The 'ribbon' incorporates a J (Jacob) and a D (Daniel)

The flames at the top contain a K (Karl)

The sword was incorporated to include our "mystic/magic" concepts as do the crescent moons in the M .

There are other letters that occured as the artwork "became"

I have room for additions to the family?

The joke at home is that since my "boyfriends" names start with the same letter 'J' :)
I have them in there too

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Proud Mum

Tomorrow my son graduates from boot camp at Fort Benning GA.

He will then fly to Fort Eustis VA for his AIT. ('copter mech)

He has been asked to go from there to Airborne school (not sure where)

He is 22 years old and he is FINALLY making something of himself.

I am proud!

I bet he won't look like that when he gets home.

Karl's Myspace Page

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Un-Popularity contest

Un-Popularity Contest....And then there were none?

I have observed that many commentors on some blog pages like to bash some of the drivers, crew members, announcers, reporters, and yes, even bloggers that take the time to share their thoughts.
Can we try to remember they are PEOPLE damn it?

Everybody has a driver (or three) they cheer for, a favourite track (or four), a respected announcer (maybe)

almost without fail every race fan has a driver / track / common-tater / NASCAR rule that they Loathe.

I am conducting a little experiment.

I would ask everyone to nominate one driver / track / common-tater / NASCAR rule that they want eliminated from NASCAR.
For the purpose of my experiment please keep the nominees to Cup Series events.

Who will be left on the track?

This experiment is being conducted at Foxsports as well. A follow-up post will be made.

I would also thank for adding me to his link of the day too.