Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sunburnt in Sonoma

Road Rage-Sunburnt in Sonoma

I have never like road courses. Part of the reason I came to Sonoma was to see if it was better in person.

Well there was the whole meeting FoxSports Bloggers thing too of course

After being there in this past weekend I have discovered something about myself and road courses. The televised version of a road course is like a televised hockey game. They can’t cover the whole event as it happens. The whole track is in use once the race gets in full swing. So much so you can’t have a conversation with the person beside you (there is no break long enough for more than a sentence)

There was no way for me to keep track of what everyone was doing on the track. The best I could do was keep track of my driver and who ever was near him. The cameras have to choose who they are going to follow and which spots “might” have action. I can’t bad mouth the coverage of a road course anymore. Rats what will I detest about NASCAR now? (any suggestion- grin)

Don’t get me wrong, I DON’T want anymore road courses but I have a new outlook on what the are and why they are so disappointing on the little box in my living room.

For those of you who have not seen a road course live and don’t like them I ask that you take my observations into consideration.

For those of you who have seen one in person, and still don’t like them (the raced not the coverage) I would like to read your thoughts.

I’m writing this from the airport – I have 6 hours before my flight (my ride had a much earlier flight so here I am. ) Wearing a bathing suit and a skirt I set off the alarm (where the heck would I have had anything hidden ?)I hope my fellow travelers are all home safe (I know HR13 or whatever number he is using this month won’t be home til 10 ish pst tonight. I think everyone else is home safe by now.

I can’t post this til I find out if there is wifi here somewhere.

No smoking and no wifi it will be a long day.I have some pictures I hope to be able to add to this later.