Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm going to be a Gramma!

Baby is due Feb 20th. Ultrasound was yesterday It's a Boy.

The kids informed me last night they have chosen a name for the youngen.

Marcus Lee Millard
(yes I cried)

What a great tribute to my hubby!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he so wanted to live to see a grandchild

I know this may change.
I am so proud.
I'll keep you posted

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sunburnt in Sonoma

Road Rage-Sunburnt in Sonoma

I have never like road courses. Part of the reason I came to Sonoma was to see if it was better in person.

Well there was the whole meeting FoxSports Bloggers thing too of course

After being there in this past weekend I have discovered something about myself and road courses. The televised version of a road course is like a televised hockey game. They can’t cover the whole event as it happens. The whole track is in use once the race gets in full swing. So much so you can’t have a conversation with the person beside you (there is no break long enough for more than a sentence)

There was no way for me to keep track of what everyone was doing on the track. The best I could do was keep track of my driver and who ever was near him. The cameras have to choose who they are going to follow and which spots “might” have action. I can’t bad mouth the coverage of a road course anymore. Rats what will I detest about NASCAR now? (any suggestion- grin)

Don’t get me wrong, I DON’T want anymore road courses but I have a new outlook on what the are and why they are so disappointing on the little box in my living room.

For those of you who have not seen a road course live and don’t like them I ask that you take my observations into consideration.

For those of you who have seen one in person, and still don’t like them (the raced not the coverage) I would like to read your thoughts.

I’m writing this from the airport – I have 6 hours before my flight (my ride had a much earlier flight so here I am. ) Wearing a bathing suit and a skirt I set off the alarm (where the heck would I have had anything hidden ?)I hope my fellow travelers are all home safe (I know HR13 or whatever number he is using this month won’t be home til 10 ish pst tonight. I think everyone else is home safe by now.

I can’t post this til I find out if there is wifi here somewhere.

No smoking and no wifi it will be a long day.I have some pictures I hope to be able to add to this later.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Talladega Controversy- Chime in

Talladega Terrors



1  Remove the yellow line

2  Restrict the cars even more

3  Flatten the banking remove the restrictor plates and let them RUN

3.5 Mikey’s suggestion- make the front bumper “soft” and the rear bumper  cast iron

(would have REALLY hurt Brad in that finish)



According to Mikey  in the drivers  meeting they were told that NO bumping would be tolerated on ANY PART OF THE CAR.


1) John Darby via frver3fan’s blog

As far as the why we have the yellow line rule? John Darby’s explanation should leave all of us without a doubt, as to why this rule was implemented “The yellow line rule itself has been very effective in controlling some of the huge wrecks we used to have. It’s a very simple process, because if you look at the backstretch for Talladega that may be 15 lanes wide if you allow the competitors to use the skid pads and everything, the entrance to turn three is not; it’s back down to three lanes. What happens is it becomes a big game of chicken from going from 15 lanes wide down to three, and nobody wants to give; and that ultimately created some very large and unwarranted wrecks. The yellow line rule has at least made the width of the racetrack consistent all the way around, so the competitors know how much real estate there is there to use.”

Not to mention the dangers of going below that 'apron' and trying to return

2) I can hear the screaming from here!



3) Now I have gone completely deaf-and dumb it appears.



3.5) I  (It would change things)


side note a mention was made to make the catch fence even more dense/safer

That fence is hard enough to see through as it is!









short but controversial unable to add pictures at work

Bobby Allison has a comment

Pemberton and Darby comment


credit given to Nascar Now, Wind Tunnel,  USA Today , ESPN and Michael Waltrip

Sunday, December 28, 2008

wow I have some great friends here

Thursday, October 30, 2008

med update of a sort


Oct 23, 2008 12:44 PM

reminding me I have friends that want to know what is going on.

My prior absences have been due to HUBBY's ever fluctuating health

Marc has taken a few turns for the worse. He had emergency surgery a bit ago (I think I mentioned it) and the removed part of a strangulated bowel and strangulated hernia)
Just what a bleeder who won't heal needs- surgery-

I may have mentioned a nephew and his wife that was care giving for us? They decided to move on , and we hired a new caregiver J.. K (the nephew) was in the process of moving out of the cottage this month. K and J are like family, so J would go out and visit with K from time to time.

Monday 10/6 J (new caregiver also like family) came running in the house and informed us that K was not breathing and bleeding from the mouth. We did CPR but were unable to revive (I was on 911 call at the time) K died 10/7 @ 3am.

Marc's family went ballistic. The memorial was 10/11 I was instructed NOT to attend (the family has disintegrated)

Marc came home from the memorial a bit confused, but not bad. Every day since he has gone farther and farther into a coma-like state. Except he walks (paces almost all day and night) and drools and pees everywhere.Can't be trusted with anything in the kitchen and thinks he is perfectly fine.
He is very resistant to any assistance, even when he really can't do something (I am so tired of getting peed on)
I finally got 5 hours of sleep last night (after about 4 days of none) when he laid down and slept.--hooray for that--
This morning he is no better and I am waiting for a call back from his Dr to see if there is any help available for me since 2 people can't take care of him 24/7 and I can't afford a third.

I may have to put him in a secure living arrangement until he "comes back" as he has done many times over the years.

I don't know if I can even get him in one and I'm not sure if medicare will pay for it so..................

extra bit.

you may recall Brian ws our caregiver for a long time and he died in our home a few years ago-we found him and did CPR then too. (brain tumor) seems it's bad luck to try to take care of Marc, (attempt at humour)

Ask any questions you like- it seems to help

He is in end stage liver failure. But the "losing his mind" part has happened many times over the years. never lasted this long before though. Not sure why it happens Dr doesn't know either.
We have a meeting with his Dr next Friday (if I make it that long) to evaluate Marc.
I don't know what my choices are and his family is no longer involved in his care so we muddle through.

Oct 24, 2008
today's development

Marc found the truck keys (how the f*** did that happen?) and was out in the truck and had it started before someone caught him and stopped him!

J ("caregiver") seems to have run away from home?

I made him mad last night when I told him he wasn't taking this seriously enough. that and he let Marc have his pill container (which holds his meds for the day- separated into 4 doses-) at 2 pm yesterday-
keep in mind he was told specifically not to let Marc have the pill thing -just the pills when he was supposed to take them--- I get home and no-one knows where the container is- which had the 8 pm meds and the 2 am meds in it............................
..........Including 2 100mg Morphine pills-- just what I need floating around the house!

Oct 27, 2008

Sunday was a pretty good day- I got Marc into the shower (really needed that) and he ate some food. we even had a conversation of sorts.

This morning he is back to the previous state, (and a mess again) and now he won't even co-operate and take his meds.- he had been doing that at least.
I'm in contact with his Dr and we will see what he has to say. I am hoping to get him in before Friday, but I'm not sure that is going to happen.

I told my boss that I might have to take some time this week if my son can't handle taking care of Marc by himself. The boss and his brother both asked me why I didn't commit him over the weekend (so sensitive they are)

Thanks for the thoughts. I am trying to find resources here, but we are a long way from the city-which narrows my options.

They were more concerned that I would miss work than having him committed for my best interest. (couldn't see the doc on the weekend)

I have an appointment with Marc & his DR tomorrow 130 pm . I think his doc will admit him to the hospital for observation.

We'll figure the rest out from there.
I'm looking forward to having him out of the home.

He scares M (our daughter) - her and her dad used to be best friends now he's a weird man to everyone.

I called Marc's mom to let her know what was going on and she was not as supportive as she could have been. Somehow when I said I couldn't take care of Marc she quipped back that I had always had someone else do it for me. I have always pulled my weight in that department. AND he has never been this bad for this long.

She has no idea how many nights I've gone without sleep and went to work the next day. (no one else volunteered)

Turns out the J tells people that I kicked him out-- really why on earth would I do that? we had a disagreement and he ran

Oct 28, 2008 3:53 PM DAMN

We had our 1:30 appointment with Marc's Dr today. Marc decided to 'come out of the fugue' just enough to talk to his doc. Marc had put clean clothes on himself as well. The charade was lost when Dr examined Marc and we discovered he was still wearing his urine soaked sweats under his clean pants.

After 2 hrs of talk etc it was determined that there is no reason to admit Marc at this time. He has been given a warning from his doc and me that if he 'checks out' like this we will have to put him somewhere. I have some people I can call to 'assist' occasionally (they won't be able to do anything either but oh well)

So the roller coaster ride continues.

We are trying some new meds that might help Marc calm down and sleep through the night (hope they work!)

My son is the only help I have right now (he recently returned from basic training)

Oct 29, 2008
las night we talked very little, but he did take his meds and eat some dinner.
about 9 pm he slid back into his fugue. I napped for a few hours while Karl watched Marc, about 3 am Marc came in the bedroom and peed in the garbage can so I knew it was on again.

He just paces from one end of the house to the other, our bedroom through the living room through the kitchen and back to M's room. When M is in there I have to block the door (physically) to keep him form going and sitting on her bed (he scares her)

Every 5 minutes from 3 am til 530 am (til he knocked me out of the way and went in- so I woke M and put her on the little couch with me)

K was unhappy when I woke him at 730 to take over but he is being really good about it. -He expected Marc to drop back into his fugue- That is why we were disappointed that Dr R didn't admit him for tests or something!

I have a list of people to contact (per Marc's doc) but so far I've called 3 and they can't help me. The one place says it's medical not mental so they could not clear him physically to be admitted to their facility.
Hospice says he hasn't been given 6 mo or less to live so they are out of the loop til then.

i cried when no-one could tell me who to call

Oct 29, 2008 4:04 PM
it was so frustrating that Dr sent Marc home with me instead of atleast admitting him for observation.

One full day and they would have the information that I have been giving them verified.- since the bugger perks up whenever I take him in.

I'll try again to get the doc to atleast admit him to the regular hospital for observation and blood tests. It is all I can do right now it seems.

I have a list of in-home caregivers certified by the state.
I will try to contact them to see if they can help us out soon.

Not sure how that works but I keep trying.

This gives me a place to vent (and document) this ordeal.

Oct 30

This is helping, just writing it down where someone might read it (funny that)

I got home from work (yesterday) to find Marc had been in bed asleep since about 10 am I tried to wake him but he would not respond. the medication I gave him Tuesday night could make him sleepy for 16 hours and he was breathing so I left him alone and took the break we all needed.
A family friend was at the house and offered to take the night shift so we could all get some sleep (what a lovely man)

Michelle pushed me off the little couch about 10 pm so I was sleeping on the floor right next to the couch. at 3 am (see a pattern here) Marc got up and walked on me(I was well out of the way)- and fell on his backside next to his chair.
F helped Marc into his chair and assisted in putting his feet up. Marc went back to sleep and was still there when I left at 730 am today (Thursday)

The last time Marc ate/drank/or took any meds was 1100 pm Tuesday 10/28.
I think I have enough to get his doctor to admit him to assess his health with this-I'm going to try.
Hugs to my supporters

I just got a phone # for Sr & Disabled- this might be the beginning fo help for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Race City USA 97838

Just a mile or four out of Hermiston Oregon lives Race City USA, 1/4 mile high-banked paved oval with a lot of heart.

My connection with the track goes back a generation.

Seems my mum was a bit of a rebel (gasp) and had a boyfriend or two that raced both on the street and on the track.

Saturday Night racing at its finest.

We moved away, but I returned in my teens and , wouldn’t you know it I ended up with a boyfriend (or two) that raced on and off the track.

By this time I was a fair mechanic in my own right so it was logical for me to get involved .
I have owned ½ of a car (or two) over the years and still have an interest in my friends Street Stock car. (see older post)
My son was involved before he moved, and my daughter is very much bitten by the racing bug.

Track imagery

image from TeraServer USA


Race City USA runs 5 classes this season every other Saturday Night.
They used to run 3 classes (alternating) every Saturday, but for whatever reason (poor attendance I think) they have changed the schedule.

Late Models
A) Any V-8 American standard production or after market metal, fiberglass or mixture body. No Vans, 4X4’s, station wagons, etc.
B) Front engine and rear wheel drive only
C) 4 inch ride height
D) Approved 5 point seat belt, quick release type

Super Stock
A) Any V-8 American manufactured passenger car or pickup
B) 104” wheel base minimum
C) No vans, 4X4’s, station wagons or sports cars
D) Front engine and rear wheel drive only
E) No fiberglass bodies. Steel or aftermarket metal bodies only

Street Stock
A) Any steel bodied V-8 American manufactured passenger car. No aluminum. No fiberglass.Rubber front and back ends OK
B) 104” wheel base minimum
C) No vans, 4X4’s, station wagons, or sports cars
D) Front engine and rear wheel drive only

Mini Stock
A) Any four-cylinder passenger car or pickup
B) Front engine location. Front or rear wheel drive
C) GM to GM, Ford to Ford, Datsun to Datsun, Etc.
D) Partial tube chassis ok
2400 cc maximum. No rotary engines

A) Any 4 cylinder, steel bodied car with a complete stock body, frame and suspension
B) Front engine location, front or rear wheel drive
C) GM to GM, Ford to Ford, Datsun to Datsun, etc.
D) Maximum 103” wheelbase
No turbo, super-charged, or rotary engines.

Gates open at 5:00pm Time trails at 5:30 Racing at 7:00pm
Adults $8 Seniors/Students $6 Children $2
Family Pass $20 Good for 2 adults and up to 3 children
VIP Parking $10 Plus admission tickets

Race City,USA
81236 Hwy 395 North
Hermiston, Or 97838

Pit gates open at 3pm
Pit pass fees:(per evening)
Late model drivers $35
Mini stock, Street stock, Super stock drivers $30
Mosquito drivers $15
Pit Crew $15

Factor in the registration fees

Registration fee is $25 for car and Driver. Mosquito’s $10.
Pit Pad Renewals are $50 for the year.
New pads are $100 for the year.
Pit Pad per night is $10 per night if available.

And need I mention fuel prices.

(paying to race is a pet peeve, hell we don’t get a cut of the gate and the payout ain’t great)

Season Opener was May 17th

Fast times
Mini Stock - #9 Billy McAdams - 17.44
Super Stock - # 1 Rick Mulbourn - 17.33
Late Model - #42 Dan England - 16.31

It ain’t much, but it’s ours!
If you are ever in my neck of the woods, make it a Saturday Night!
Here are some pictures

from 2006
from 2007

Looking forward to reading about ‘your’ tracks.
Thanks to Forensic2 and the GGW Racing crew for making me sit down and think about this.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Kitna "What I meant was..."

"Lions QB Jon Kitna repeated his spring statement of last year and this year that anything less than 10 wins will be a disappointment. "Our expectation is, we will be disappointed if we don't win 10 games because that will mean we are not in the playoffs," Kitna said. "I can't make it any simpler than that. Anybody who says that's not their expectation level is unfortunately not very much of a competitor." -- Detroit News

Ok Lions fans, here we go again.

It's not easy being a Lion's fan but some of us have stuck through thick and thin.

Although, the way this quote is written, I see Kitna's point.

However, no matter how he said it we all remember what this phrase cost last year.

I start the season every year with optimism. I have to. They've got some new faces and maybe one or two of them can help improve the team.

Perhaps one year (soon?) I'll be on in the front seat when y'all are jumping on the bandwagon.