Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Talladega Controversy- Chime in

Talladega Terrors



1  Remove the yellow line

2  Restrict the cars even more

3  Flatten the banking remove the restrictor plates and let them RUN

3.5 Mikey’s suggestion- make the front bumper “soft” and the rear bumper  cast iron

(would have REALLY hurt Brad in that finish)



According to Mikey  in the drivers  meeting they were told that NO bumping would be tolerated on ANY PART OF THE CAR.


1) John Darby via frver3fan’s blog

As far as the why we have the yellow line rule? John Darby’s explanation should leave all of us without a doubt, as to why this rule was implemented “The yellow line rule itself has been very effective in controlling some of the huge wrecks we used to have. It’s a very simple process, because if you look at the backstretch for Talladega that may be 15 lanes wide if you allow the competitors to use the skid pads and everything, the entrance to turn three is not; it’s back down to three lanes. What happens is it becomes a big game of chicken from going from 15 lanes wide down to three, and nobody wants to give; and that ultimately created some very large and unwarranted wrecks. The yellow line rule has at least made the width of the racetrack consistent all the way around, so the competitors know how much real estate there is there to use.”

Not to mention the dangers of going below that 'apron' and trying to return

2) I can hear the screaming from here!



3) Now I have gone completely deaf-and dumb it appears.



3.5) I  (It would change things)


side note a mention was made to make the catch fence even more dense/safer

That fence is hard enough to see through as it is!









short but controversial unable to add pictures at work

Bobby Allison has a comment

Pemberton and Darby comment


credit given to Nascar Now, Wind Tunnel,  USA Today , ESPN and Michael Waltrip